Archenemy: Schemes

 All in Good TimeAll Shall Smolder in My WakeApproach My Molten Realm

Behold the Power of DestructionChoose Your ChampionDance, Pathetic Marionette

The Dead Shall ServeA Display of My Dark PowerEmbrace My Diabolical Vision

Every Hope Shall VanishEvery Last Vestige Shall RotEvil Comes to Fruition

The Fate of the FlammableFeed the MachineI Bask in Your Silent Awe

I Call on the Ancient MagicsI Delight in Your ConvulsionsI Know All, I See All

Ignite the Cloneforge!Into the Earthen MawIntroductions Are in Order

The Iron Guardian StirsKnow Naught but FireLook Skyward and Despair

May Civilization CollapseMortal Flesh Is WeakMy Crushing Masterstroke

My Genius Knows No BoundsMy Undead Horde AwakensMy Wish Is Your Command

Nature Demands an OfferingNature Shields Its OwnNothing Can Stop Me Now

Only Blood Ends Your NightmaresThe Pieces Are Coming TogetherRealms Befitting My Majesty


Roots of All EvilRotted Ones, Lay SiegeSurrender Your Thoughts

Tooth, Claw, and TailThe Very Soil Shall ShakeWhich of You Burns Brightest?

Your Fate Is Thrice SealedYour Will Is Not Your OwnYour Puny Minds Cannot Fathom

Plots That Span CenturiesPerhaps You've Met My CohortYour Inescapable Doom

Imprison This Insolent WretchDrench The Soil In Their Blood




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